It is well known that Belgium is not known for its snow. Which in itself is a problem for the sled dog sport in our country. In addition, the name ' sled dogs ' already suspect, that the prestige lays in snow competitions. The distances are longer, the height differences heavier! To prepare the team, the dogs need enough snow-kilometres in their legs. We, NPO Are to Tun, had unfortunately no snow during the training season 2013-2014! A serious problem for a musher! Also, due to climate change, we need to drive further and further to find races wich are mure snow-sure! We, mushers, already experience the effects of global warming! The video of NASA (below) shows how serious global warming is!!

Everyone knows that there is a climate problem, but as long as we not ' really ' have to deal with the dramatic problems that come with it, most people will not take serious measures. For most people, it is a futuristic problem, where they from now on have to deal with. For me, as a musher, this is not so. Global warming already threatens my sport! As I mentioned just now, we must drive further for our snow training or races! The snow line in Scandinavia continues to withdraw! In addition, there are several snow races in Central Europe disappeared because of the warmer weather. It was only a miracle that the World Championship in Switzerland continued! Therefore, I see it as my mission to make others aware of what occurs. NPO Are to Run works together with partners who share the same vision! We work with Greenpeace, aiding their arctic campaign, SAVE THE ARCTIC. They are fighting, as is generally known, for years against global warming! NPO Are to Run already put his shoulders under the campaign, SAVE THE ARCTIC!